Park Slope


Best known for its iconic brownstone houses, Park Slope is a scenic and serene neighborhood located right next to Prospect Park.  Bound by Prospect Park to the East, Fourth Avenue to the West, Flatbush Avenue to the North, and the Prospect Expressway to the South, the neighborhood is divided into three cohesive sections.  The “North Slope “spans the area from Flatbush Avenue to Garfield Place, the “Center Slope” from 1st Street to 9th Street, and the “South Slope” from 10th Street on. All offer a wide variety of restaurants, schools, shops, and more. 


Although Park Slope has a very cozy and youthful feel, it is a hugely historical landmarked neighborhood.  Originally home to a group of Native Americans known as the Lenape, Park Slope was colonized by Dutch settlers in the early 17th Century.  The Dutch were eventually displaced by the British, who retained control of the land up until the Revolutionary War.   Park Slope was, in fact, the backdrop for the war’s first battle: The Battle of Brooklyn.  The area in which this battle took place is now preserved, and includes a reconstruction of the farmhouse American soldiers used for cover during their retreat.  Prospect Park West contains a vast number of preserved Victorian style mansions, which was the main style of architecture before the neighborhood’s signature brownstones gained popularity.


If you’re more of a sports fan than a history buff, then you might be pleased to know that the world famous Brooklyn Dodgers were originally based out of this neighborhood, before their stadium was destroyed by a tragic fire in 1889.


Past aside, Park Slope is now the perfect place to raise a family.  It has some of the best public schools in the school district, according to DNAinfo, and almost anything you can ever want or need all within a few blocks of your home, including a beautiful park to get some fresh air and escape the hustle and bustle of busy New York City.


No matter what you’re in the mood for, Park Slope has got you covered.  Whether you want to check out a new Asian- Mexican Fusion restaurant, or stick with some old school Italian food, Park Slope can satisfy your cravings.  Looking for a new wardrobe? Check out some of the local boutiques and even some vintage stores if you’re feeling thrifty.  


If you’re looking for a community you can get involved in, then Park Slope is the right place for you! Join the local Food Co-op and get fresh produce for no additional cost, just volunteer there for around 3 hours a week.  Not only do you get fresher fruits and veggies, it’s a great opportunity to interact with other members of the population.  Give back to the community by joining the local food kitchen, or even help out with the neighborhood’s volunteer ambulance service.


All in all, Park Slope is a great place to live, with many different housing options.  Make sure not to skip over this neighborhood, it may end up being the perfect fit for you!