Prospect Lefferts Gardens


Four avenues wide and 11 blocks long, Prospect- Lefferts Gardens, colloquially known as Lefferts Gardens, is a quaint neighborhood filled with historic charm.  

Bordered by Empire Boulevard to the north, Clarkson Avenue to the south, , New York Avenue to the east, and Prospect Park to the west, this area is quiet but also full of life.  It is a very ethnically diverse neighborhood, with many of its inhabitants coming from Caribbean and African nations, so if you’re looking for foods from either of the two regions you will always be in luck.


Lefferts Gardens gets its name from a single Dutch family with the surname Lefferts that settled the area in the 1600s.  It remained under their ownership until the 1890s, when the manor was divided up and sold to developers; nowadays, many of the original buildings from this time period are preserved in the Lefferts Gardens historic district.  The historic district takes up a large portion of the neighborhood, and you can sign up for tours that guide you through it, and take you in to see the interior of the buildings. If you would like to see Dutch artifacts from the 1600s, or how a Dutch family may have lived at the time, then pay a visit to the Lefferts Historic House.  Here, you can get participate in activities such as churning butter and dressing up in an authentic Dutch outfit for a couple hours. 


While small, the neighborhood is very animated, with locals constantly lounging around outside and having a laugh.  Feel free to join them and make some new friends, or if you prefer to be alone, go for a walk in Prospect Park, which will never be more than a few blocks away. If you are ever in need of a little self-indulgence, treat yourself by checking out some of the local beauty stores, and afterwards order some authentic Caribbean food to eat while kicking back in your home or in the park.


Travelling to and from the area will never be an issue, with the B,Q, S, 2, and 5 trains stopping in the neighborhood.  If these trains do not take you where you need to go, simply hop on one of the 8 bus lines that service Lefferts Gardens.