As well as being the geographic center of New York City, the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the borough.  Originally a Germanic settlement, Bushwick is now home to many people of Latino, Caribbean, and African descent, but it is quickly gaining popularity within the millennial population due to its great location and up-and-coming nightlife.


Bushwick is a great place to go to if you are looking for a night on the town, and you will quickly find that there is something for everyone.  If you are looking for some techno and deep house music, then take a trip to Myrtle Avenue’s Bossa Nova Civic Club, where you can dance until your feet hurt to live DJs almost any night of the week.  If electronic music is not your scene, then the iconic venue, Shea Stadium, is close by.  This location constantly hosts many different indie and rock bands, and serves as the perfect place to blow off some steam.  Live music and dancing, however, are not for everyone; luckily, there are plenty of relaxed pubs and pool halls perfect for a more low-key night out.


While Bushwick may have a very active nightlife, there are a wide variety of things that make the area enticing for people looking for a place to move.   There are many public parks in the neighborhood, such as the Maria Hernández Park.  Parks such as this one are beautiful green spaces, and are a great place for a nice morning stroll. 


Bushwick is also the perfect place to be if you are looking for some visual stimulation. There are many beautiful art galleries in the area, and features the Bushwick Collective, which offers a more unique take on the traditional gallery.  The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor gallery that containing some of New York City’s greatest street art.  Huge murals cover the walls, and are definitely a must-see.  There are many boutique and vintage stores in the area as well, perfect for if you are looking for some practical art to carry home with you.


Gastronomically, Bushwick knocks it out of the park due to the area’s immense diversity.  Along with all the standard burger joints and Chinese restaurants, Bushwick has some amazing Mexican, Caribbean, Vietnamese restaurants, and so many more.  Regardless of what you are craving, it will not be difficult to find.  While the food is incredible no matter where you go, some restaurants are known for more than just their food.  Syndicated, located on Bogart Street, has a projector set up in the back that plays movies all day long.


Nestled between the Queens border and Broadway to the northeast and southwest, respectively, Flushing Avenue to the northwest, and Evergreen Cemetery to the southeast, Bushwick has plenty of public transportation.  Serviced by the J, Z, M, and L trains, it is easy to get into Manhattan if you so please.  As well as having multiple different subway lines in the area, there are 6 different bus lines that can take you wherever you need to go.